Elske McCain Asks “Is Anyone There?” in Her “Jessicka Rabid” Follow-Up

The always interesting and outspoken Elske McCain has emerged as one of the most engaging personalities in indie horror.  With a life story as compelling as any Hollywood tale, McCain has become a familiar face for Troma fans, fought a long and hard battle to see her “pet project” released, and has explored the themes of abuse against a backdrop of horror in her work as an actress, writer, and producer.  She has also become the Go-to-Gal for all things horror related in her home base of Tucson, which will be the site of her next project, under the banner of her Dahlia Jade Productions.

Elske McCain, who has established herself as a filmmaker in her own right with the buzzed about recent Troma release “Jessicka Rabid“, is following up that effort with “Is Anyone There?”–a film which she describes as “a totally different type of horror movie.”  Drawing inspiration from the films of Kevin Tenney (“Night of the Demons”, “Witchboard”), the film follows an abused woman fleeing personal demons and running afoul of literal ones via a vintage Ouija board.  McCain will play the lead and serve as producer.
Trent Haaga, director of the recently released “Chop“ will co-star, along with Jenny Spain, who will make this her eagerly awaited feature screen return after appearing in the title role of “Deadgirl”.
The film will be directed by Hugh Jardon, who co-directed the short film “Street Fighter High: The Musical” and worked as an editor/assistant on “Necromentia” (whose director Pearry Teo, will serve as consultant).

McCain says the project was “originally written to be a low budget Troma style picture,  but after tremendous support from other respected producers and directors, I believe this project will be headed in a much bigger and better direction.”

“Is Anyone There?”  is gearing up for production late in 2012.

–Cory Graham

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