The Minions Review

The Minions (Short Film) Mini-Review


In The Minions, an ambiguously mysterious and tantalizing 11 minute short from director Jeremiah Kipp, an encounter along the urban “Witches’ Path” leads William (Lukas Hassel) to an inebriated young woman (Robin Rose Singer) and her friend (Cristina Doikos) struggling to keep her upright and get her home.  His assistance of the lovely, intoxicated, and intoxicating Katrina (Singer) comes to darker ends upon arriving at the apartment.

Many of the signature Kipp elements are here: stylish visuals, rich atmosphere, a sense of unease created in the midst of sinisterly, yet beautifully composed shots; an evocative score, strong use of setting and locations, committed and fearless work from the cast members.

More about the experience than narrative, this is a visceral piece, intriguing.  Much like the work of director Terrence Malick, the journey of the viewer through the lushly sensory piece is central.

New York casting directors would be wise to utilize Lukas Hassel, who makes a very effective and nuanced leading man.  A compelling, eerily seductive off-screen voice over from Lauren Fox (as Abigail) delivered to the reflective lead is very effective.  Actors Fox and Hassel, producer Lauren Rayner, and writer Joseph Fiorillo are return collaborators from The Days God Slept, another Kipp short that deserves a look.

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